What to expect in the proposed New E-Commerce Policy?

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  • March 21, 2021

This post is a summary of the various aspects reported in the last few days in national dailies/electronic news portals on the new E-Commerce Policy (draft yet to be made public). Following are the key changes expected:

  • - Equal treatment to all the vendors/seller and measures to prevent preferential treatment for selected vendors i.e. an “agnostic” relationship with the sellers.
  • - Un-biased Algorithms to ensure that no prioritizing of selected vendors/seller happen;
  • - Disclosing the methodology used for the discounts offered;
  • - Avoid using associates/affiliates to undertake any prohibited transactions;
  • - Safeguards to ensure that digital monopolies are not created who may hamper competition and create dominance.
  • - Steps to ensure that E-Commerce Players indulging in selling pirated and counterfeit products are identified and their access to be blocked.
  • - Steps to avoid misuse of customer data to further their business interests.

Overall, new policy with such changes is expected to ensure that in addition to following the law in letter, the law should also be abided in spirit. The present Policy document is still under discussion and we may have to wait till it's made public.

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