Comments / Suggestions on Draft E-Commerce Rules, 2020

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  • July 22, 2021

Govt. of India vide its letter No. J-10/3/2018-CPU (Computer No:16082) had extended the timeline to submit comments / views / suggestions on the Draft E-Commerce Rules, 2020. The last date to submit comments/view/suggestions was July 21, 2021.

After multiple discussions with e-commerce clients and various stakeholders regarding its potential impact on e-commerce businesses, we had submitted a consolidated comments/suggestions on the proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules 2020. We believe that while the proposed amendments are in furtherance and protection of Consumer interest, it also adds cumbersome compliance burden and can create hurdles in the growth of nascent e-commerce sector in India. It also appears contrary to the principles of ease of doing business in India.

To know more in detail, please read our submissions at the below link.

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